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There is so much going on in Highlands that I am not even going to try to keep this page updated.


Instead, I am going to share what we use to plan our time.  These are some of the best ones we have found.



Events and Activities

The Highlands Newspaper is what we feel is the BEST source of what is going on in Highlands.  I read it every week, and is my “go to” paper for all activities. The Online version is available HERE  Download the PDF, and you will have the paper in you hands!


The Highlands Chamber of Commerce (we are members. <grin>) is another excellent source of Information.  They can be found HERE.


And when looking for things to do, or places to go, don't overlook the sister city of Cashiers. Just a few miles down the road, they have a very active life, too.




Weather prediction in Highlands is a bit of a challenge.  It is a rainforest (really!). You can see the forecast on the Highlands Newspaper link, but please do not rely too much on the forecast.  It really can change between days. 


However, we have found that the forecasts don’t always apply to the Roost. There have been many times I have sat on the porch, and watched storms that caused rain/snow in Highlands go around Big Bearpen Mountian, and we stayed sunny (or at least dry).  So we have our own weather station at the Roost, and you can see the real time information HERE   Clickin on the “Summary” link at the top  will give you a better look at what is going on.



As noted, hiking was one of the main reasons we kept coming back to Highlands. There are so many trails, waterfalls, and adventures here, you will forget the ones you started with by the time you get through them all, and they will be new again !

Highland Hiker has been around the whole time we have been coming to Highlands. They have grown quite a bit from their beginnings in a barn, but they are still the authority on hiking in the area.  They have published a great guide to most of the trails up here, ranked with length, and level of difficulty.  We used to leave a copy at the house, but it seems to keep hiking off. But if you like hiking,  we recommend you get your own copy HERE.


Also, here is a short list of the most popular Day Hikes.


Other online guides to hikes and waterfalls are here

Highland Hiker Waterfalls

Highlands Newspaper  Hiking

Laurel Magazine Guide


What our Guests are saying about the Roost

As we may be a bit prejudiced, here are a few comments from our guests


About Us and the Roost

We have been coming up to Highlands for the last 40+ years, and it has always been our “Happy Place.”  In the Highlands area, we have been able to decompress, and really enjoy the nature and surroundings. Most of our visits were centered around hiking and activities. And during most trips, we would treat ourselves to a “night out on the town”, and enjoy one or two of the Fabulous restaurants. Some have become a “don’t miss” for any subsequent visits.


We finally determined we should retire here, as we love it so much. So on one fateful Saturday, while looking at the many listings posted on the Real Estate offices found up and down Main street (and on many other streets, too),  we decided to investigate the possibilities. We walked into the closest office, where we were luck to find one of the BEST agents up here:  Karen B Dunn.  We then spent just about every weekend for a full year looking at properties, but not finding what we wanted.  Finally, just as Karen was giving up on us, we went to look at a property that had been outside our price range, but had just been reduced.  And it was love at first sight.

We spent another year remodeling and expanding the home (that is a story unto it’s self, including Jim and our dog huddling under an electric blanket during the polar vortex (-9 degrees out) because the furnace failed), waiting for the new furnace to be installed, and the Roost was born. Truly a labor of Love.


As we are not quite ready to retire (in about another 5 years), we decided to share the home, and hopefully have it pay for itself. That is why it is now a Vacation Rental.


Who is Ray, and what’s up with the Rooster?


"Ray" was Jim’s grandfather.  Ray was an inspiration for Jim, and Ray also loved spending time in a cabin he had in a small Trout Club in Ohio, where he lived.  So the home was named in Ray’s honor, knowing that he would have loved the home as much as we do.


The Rooster is from a real Weather Vane,  now mounted on the top of the home. It was previously on the home of Jim’s Mother, and before that, on Ray’s home in Cleveland.  Having been passed down through the family, it seemed fitting as the logo for the new home.  We only wonder if our daughter will use it, too.

The Family Weather Vane

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